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Emotional Quotes

Emotional Quotes | Get 100+ Deep Quotes About Love And Life

Emotional Quotes: Are you looking for some emotional quotes? See here the best unforgettable emotional quotes on love and life that are full of emotions. There are hundreds of deep meanings hidden in each quote shown here. So start reading carefully now; I am sure you will like every word of these emotional quotes.

Emotional Quotes on Love

Emotional Quotes
Deep Emotional Quotes

Memories are beautiful
as well as painful.

Memories are always spacial.
Sometimes we laugh by remembering
the days we cried. And we cry
by remembering the days we laughed.

Honest feeling and bad timings
Make the most painful combination.

If you don’t clear your misunderstandings
in time, they become the reason for your distance forever.

Never gets too attached to someone,
Because attachments lead to
expectations and expectations lead to disappointment.

Ignorance is a poison that
Kills love, friendship and all
The good feelings.

People can never be Happy
After losing someone they loved…
They lose a reason to smile.

You can’t force yourself to
Stop liking someone.
But you can tell yourself that you
deserve better. So try to move on.

Death is not the greatest loss in life.
The greatest loss is
What dies inside us
While we live.

God never allows pain
Without a purpose.

Sometimes who says “I don’t believe in love” was
Once someone who loved unconditionally.

Love Emotional Quotes

Emotional Quotes
Sad Love Quotes

We should love,
not fall in love.
Because everything that falls gets broken.

Sometimes it’s better to maintain some distance
Than talking to someone daily.

Faking a smile is easier
Than explaining why you’re sad.

Too often the heart finds a way to love
The once who will never love it back.

Sometimes you expect a lot from someone
Because you’d do that much for them.

Some people come into your life
Only to teach you how to live alone.

No matter how sad you are
There is somebody who cares.

We all pretend that we are okay
But we all know that it hurts.

Sometimes what you feel
Is hard to explain.

Nobody cares unless
You’re beautiful or dead.

Just smile and say I’m fine.
Because nobody really cares.

Unforgettable Emotional Quotes On Love

Emotional Quotes
Deep Pain Quotes

The brightest smile is hide
the Deepest pain inside.

How to identify broken hearts?
Watch carefully they smile a lot…

Depression is not a joke,
You may see someone smiling
But inside they are dying…

Feeling can be controlled
But tears never lie.

Everyone cry
Some from eyes
Some from heart…

Tears have no weight but
It carries heavy feelings.

It’s okay to cry when
There too much on your mind.
The clouds rain too
When things get heavy.

The most difficult task in life is,
Removing someone from your heart…

Crying with no sound
Hurt the most.

People do not die from suicide,
They die from sadness.

Sad people love the rain because
They are no longer crying alone.

Deep Emotional Quotes

Emotional Quotes
Deep Sad Quotes

Once the heart gets too heavy
With pain, people don’t cry.
They just turn silent
Completely silent.

In the end, I think
I broke my own heart
More than you broke mine.

I’m not saying that
I think of you constantly,
But I can’t deny the fact
that each time my mind
wanders, it always finds
some way back to you.

I never know I could feel so much pain,
And yet be so in love
with the person causing it.

I fucking miss you.
All day,
Every day
and you can’t even imagine
how pathetic it makes me feel
Because I don’t even know if you
miss me back.

She’s gonna forever say
“I got this” even with
tears in her eyes.

I will never be good enough
for you. I got that.

Most painful thing ever is having,
Feelings for someone you can’t be with.

It sucks when the only person
who can make you feel better
is also the reason why you
Always cry.

The girl that laughs and talks a lot
And seems very happy, is also the girl
that may cry herself to sleep.

He cried that day.
All day,
All night.
She cried, too.
Sadly, all here life.

Saddest Deep Quotes

Emotional Quotes
Sad Quotes Images

Ice melts when heated..
Eyes melt when cheated :)🥀

Sometimes it’s too late.
And that’s the thing about time.
We cannot get it back.

We search for the feelings
That will destroy us in the end.

Every true and deep love
Is a sacrifice.

Everyone leaves in the
end anyway.

The more importance you give to someone,
The less they value you.

No one really cares until
Something dramatic happens.

If someone loves you
It gives you strength,
If you love someone
It becomes your weakness.

People don’t care for you
when you are alone.
They just care for you
when they are alone.

The best thing I learned to
Stop fighting for someone who
was ok with losing you.

Emotional Quotes on Life

Emotional Quotes
Life Emotional Quotes With image

Life is series of a million tiny miracles.
Take the time to notice them.

Death asked life:
Why does everyone love you
But hates me.
Life Replied:
Because I’m a beautiful lie
You are a painful truth.

We are not given a
Good life or a bad life.
We are given a life.
It’s up to us to make it
good or bad

In life
What you really want will
never come easy…

A negative mind will
Never give you a positive life.

Life doesn’t always give
you the people you want,
and sometimes it takes away
the people you need the most.

Many people will walk
In and out of your life,
but only true friends
will leave footprints
On your heart.

When you delete hypocrites
From your life, good things
Will start happening and it
Won’t be a coincidence.

Sometimes life is about
Risking everything for a
Dream no one can see but you.

The biggest suspense of life is that…
You don’t know who is praying
For you and who is praying with you.

What’s done is done,
What’s gone is gone,
One of life’s lessons
Is always moving on.

Best Emotional Quotes About Life

Emotional Quotes
Life Thoughts

Life is like a book. If
you never turn the page,
you will never know
what the next chapter holds.

Everything in life happens for a reason.
No matter how hard or unfair it may be,
Something good will come out of it.

Just because decision hurts,
Doesn’t mean that it was the
Wrong decision.

no matter how nice you are,
how kind you are,
how caring you are,
how loving you are,
it just isn’t enough for
some people.

Life has no remote….
Get up and change it yourself!

When you learn to survive without anyone,
You can survive anything.

Too many of us are not
Living our dreams
Because we are living our fears.

Always remember that
Everything happens for a reason.
It might not make sense now,
But at the right time, it will.

Without rain
Nothing grows.
Learn to embrace
The storms in your life.

Sometimes life puts you
In the same situation
again to see if the
Learnt the lesson.

Enjoy every moment in your life.
Today’s beautiful moments are
Tomorrow’s beautiful memories.

New Emotional Quotes About Life

Emotional Quotes
Deep Life Quotes

One day you’ll be just a
Memory some people.
Do your best to be a good one.

The less you respond
To negativity in the more
Peaceful your life becomes.

Few of us ever live in the present.
We are forever anticipating what is to come or
remembering what has gone.

You can do 99 things
for some people and
all they remember is the
one thing you didn’t do.

One wrong move and
everyone judges you.

Sometimes you need to
take a break from everyone
and spend time alone, to experience,
appreciate and love yourself.

Cutting someone completely off
from your life is sometimes
necessary for your peace.
Don’t feel guilty for it.

Add life to your days
Not days to your life.

You can’t make people feel
for you the way you feel for them.
Just accept the truth and move on.

God puts people in your life for a reason
And remove them from your life for a better reason.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is
Assuming that other people
think the way we think.

Emotional Quotes on Life in English

Emotional Quotes
Sad Emotional Quotes

In the end, promises
are just words.

The pages of your past
cannot be rewritten, but
the pages of your tomorrows
are blank. Create it beautifully.

Some disconnections
will bless your life.

Many people died at your age.
Don’t forget to thank god
for keeping you alive.

Life is short.
spend it with people who
make you laugh & feel loved.

One day, you realize that
there are some people
you’ll never see again.
At least not in the same way.

When your mood is not
good without reason.
You are definitely missing

Value the people who
their something for you,
because maybe that something
was their everything.

It’s natural to feel angry
when someone or something
hurt you, but eventually you
have to let it go, before it
destroys your peace of mind
and your health.

If you want to be strong,
Learn to enjoy being alone.

Sometimes you have to stay silent,
Because no word can explain what
Is going in your mind and heart.

Deep Quotes About Life

Emotional Quotes
Beautiful Emotional Quotes

Sunsets are proof that,
Ending can also be beautiful.

It’s hard to turn the page when
you know someone won’t be in the
next chapter, but the story must go on.

Sometimes being patient
and keeping silent is
better than expressing
what you really feel.

pain never really goes away.
You elevate and get used to it
by growing stronger.

People come and people go.
It’s just a part of life.

If you really got a pure heart,
you gonna win in the end.
Remember that.

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