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WhatsApp Bio Caption in English: Here, we will show you the best Collection of Top 150+ WhatsApp bio Caption about Love, Life, sad, attitude, motivational, Cool WhatsApp Status Bio and Short WhatsApp bio Quotes in English. Express your feelings with the help of these WhatsApp bios quotes.

These quotes tell us a lot about life. You read these quotes(WhatsApp Bio Caption), and you will also become crazy about them. If you like these Whatsapp captions, then definitely put them in your Whatsapp bio. You can also put these beautiful Bio quotes in your Facebook and Instagram bios. Don’t forget to share these Whatsapp statuses With your friend.

Latest WhatsApp Bio Captions

WhatsApp Bio Caption in English
WhatsApp Bio Caption status Image

Stop checking my last seen,
Text me when you miss me.

I am very private person,
You don’t ask; I don’t tell.

Everyone has the two eyes
but no one has the same view.

Distance told you
The real meaning of closeness.

It’s very easy to find A new one,
But it’s hard to find A true one.

Never take someone feeling as joke,
You never know how bad it feels.

Just because I am not talking,
Doesn’t mean I am in bad mood.
Sometimes I just like being quite.

Right now I’m a situation where,
Neither I can cry nor I can smile.

I am not ignoring you,
I’m just waiting to see if you’ll put
In the effort to talk to me..!

Actually, I don’t text anyone first,
If I text you, you are special..!!

My talkative nature depends on the level of
Comfort zone I have with that person.

Best WhatsApp Bio For Life

WhatsApp Bio Caption in English
WhatsApp Bio Caption status Image

Time will show you,
Who deserves your heart.

If you don’t like me,
It’s because I don’t want you to.

I can turn my sadness into a joke,
So don’t worry about me.

Replace me is easy but finding
A vibe like me is impossible.

I’m very ok with losing people
Who are ok with losing me.

Heals the soul.

The most valuable gift you can
Receive is an honest friend.

I am a private person, so if I open up with you,
Damn I trust you.

God doesn’t give you the people you want,
He gives you the people you need.

Sometimes god doesn’t change your situation,
Because he is trying to change your heart.

Innocent people are not stupid,
They just think everyone has a good heart.

Short WhatsApp Bio Caption In English For Boy

WhatsApp Bio Caption in English
WhatsApp Bio Caption status Image

Don’t be a star in the sky,
Be a candle in the dark.

If you lose someone But
Find yourself. You won.💯

A lot of shit broke my heart,
But opened my eyes.

Every pain gives a lesson and
every lesson changes a person.

Sometimes god breaks your heart
To save your soul.

Never lose hope.
Just when you think it’s over….
God sends you a miracle.

When your intentions are poor,
You don’t lose anyone, they lose you.

Don’t forget god when
You get what you prayed for.

Everything you deserve will be yours.
Be patient.

Don’t forget how
Badly you once wanted
What you have now.

Train your mind to be
Calm in every situation

Beautiful WhatsApp Bio Caption for Love

WhatsApp Bio Caption in English
WhatsApp Bio Caption status Image

Text me whenever you get time,
Because I spend all the time waiting for your messages.

Everything is fine,
If you’re mine.❣️

With or without conversation
You’re are still important to me.

If I care for you,
I care until the end.

Do you know why I am luckiest person in the world?
It’s because I have you and you’re mine.❤️

Someday, somewhere, somehow,
Me & you will be together.

Falling in Love is easy,
But staying in Love is very special.

Can’t Stop failing
In love with you.

You will always be
my special person.

You’re my world
And I love you so much.🌹

My silence doesn’t mean
I am ignoring you,
I just love you so much
That I hate fighting with you.

Caption For WhatsApp Bio

WhatsApp Bio Caption in English
WhatsApp Bio Caption status Image

One thing I learned in life,
You can be important to someone
But not all the time.

People miss you when
You’re done missing them.

I still want you
But I will never tell you.

It hurt but it’s okay
Because we can’t force someone to
Feel the same as we feel for them.

I am that type of person who never tells anyone what’s there in my heart.
But I want some selected people to understand me without saying anything.

Never Ignore a person who loves you and cares for you.
One day you may realize you’ve lost
The moon while counting the stars.

One day you will search For me
To say sorry but
Believe me, that will be too late.

Want to say a lot of
Things but, never mind.

Right now I’m a situation where,
Neither I can cry nor I can smile..

You all find peace
When you stop caring.

Temporary people give you
Permanent lessons.

Sad WhatsApp Bio Caption

WhatsApp Bio Caption in English
WhatsApp Bio Caption status Image

Some people will stay on your heart
But not in your life.

Pain is not always in tears
Sometimes it’s also present in smile.

Everyone cares when
It’s too late.

Nothing’s wrong with this world,
Something wrong with humans.

People leave when they
Find someone better.

Hide your emotions
Because No one cares.

I care I always care
That’s my problem.

A mind wants to forget,
But a heart will always remember.

Keep smiling and one day
Life will get tired upsetting you.

When you are a good person
You don’t lose people they lose you.

Understanding is an art and
Not everyone is an artist.

Cool WhatsApp Bio In English

WhatsApp Bio Caption in English
WhatsApp Bio Caption in English

Don’t force anyone to stay in your life…
If they really want you, they will stay.

Never ignore the person who says sorry
for their mistakes,
Because for them, You are important. Not their ego.❣️

They said I changed a lot,
I said a lot changed me.

My mind is more
talkative than my mouth.

Be real with me
or just leave me alone.

People that make you smile on
Your worst days are so important.

A best friend is someone who loves,
You when you forget to love yourself.

Thankful for who’s
Always been there for me.

Real is rare,
Fake is everywhere.

Full-on love but
Low on trust.

Sometimes it’s
best To let go.

WhatsApp Bio Captions in English Attitude

WhatsApp Bio Caption in English
WhatsApp Bio Caption in English

Ego is not important in a life,
But self–respect is most important in life.

Don’t put me in a position where
I gotta show you
How cold my heart can get.

Avoid me once
I’ll never disturb you again forever.

The more silent I’m
the more dangerous I can be.

I don’t need crush
I need cash.

This is my life, not urs so
Don’t worry about Wt I do.

Don’t be afraid to love again
Not everyone is your ex.😜

I am who I am
Not who you want me to be.

Let’s be honest,
I trust no one.

They don’t like me,
Cause they are not like me.

Control your “anger”
Because it is just one letter
Away from danger.

WhatsApp Bio In English For Girl

WhatsApp Bio Caption in English
WhatsApp Bio Caption in English

Never explain your heart to someone,
Because the right one will already know.

Forget the person,
But not the lesson.

Never let the same
Snake bite you twice.

We both lost something,
You lost me and I lost time.

Some people hate you just because
Someone else lied to them about you.

I’m not silent
I just hate drama.

Don’t judge me by my past
I don’t leave there anymore.

Don’t open the book of your
life in front of everyone.
Only a few can understand your story.

Few bad chapters does not mean
Your story is over.

A clear rejection is always
Batter than a fake promise.

Never make permanent decision
On temporary feelings.

English caption For WhatsApp Bio

WhatsApp Bio Caption in English
WhatsApp Bio Caption in English

Happy Peoples are always happy,
Not because everything is right in their life,
But because their attitude towards
Everything in their life is right.

Kindness is not flirting.
Attention is not love.
Silence is not anger.
Tears are not weakness.

No matter how nice you are,
How king you are,
How caring you are,
How loving you are,
It just isn’t enough for some people.

Only three types of people tell the truth,
Kids, Drunks, and Angry.

Notice everything
But be quite.

When you are angry,
be silent.

Every day you have no job,
Be better than yesterday.

Everything is possible…
If you believe in yourself…

Every Next Level of your life
Will demand a different you.

Sometimes we forget what we deserve
Because we are too busy listening to the noise of the world, instead of our soul.

Being happy is a self-responsibility,
Another human cannot fulfill that for you.

“Bye” is a formality
And “see you” is a feeling
But “please take care” is an emotion.❣️

Best WhatsApp Bio For Love

WhatsApp Bio Caption in English
WhatsApp Bio Caption

Saves your feelings for someone,
Who actually cares.

Good friends are hard to find
Difficult to leave
impossible to forget.

Be with someone who always wants
To Know how your day was.

The past is gone,
Don’t leave with it.

In life, what you really want
Will never come easy.

Love is nothing without action and trust,
sorry is nothing without change.

Life is not a competition.
Each one is on their own journey.
Live according to your choices,
Values and principals.

One day, you’ll be living the life you
Had once prayed for.

Be enough for yourself first
The rest of the world can wait…

Thanks for ignoring me when
I needed you the most.

New WhatsApp Bio Status for Life

WhatsApp Bio Caption in English
WhatsApp Bio Caption

People think I am quiet
But I am just observing.

A loyal person is always better
Then a royal person.

Always hope but
Never expect.

Distance never kills a relation.
Closeness never build a relation…
It’s the care of someone’s feelings
Which build faith and maintains relations…

Can I just be a little kid again?
No stress, no worries, just fun.

I think too much
I see too much
I feel too much
But I speak so little.

Never cry for the person who doesn’t
Know the value of your tears.

Life is an unexpected journey…
Don’t expect anything from anyone.

Dear God… please clear
My mind from overthinking…
I’m tired…

Real love isn’t easy
And Easy love isn’t real.

Quotes for WhatsApp Bio 2021

WhatsApp Bio Caption in English
WhatsApp Bio Caption

People who hide their feelings
Usually, care the most.

I automatically go silent when I hear
Something that hurt my feeling…

Beauty attracts the eye,
But personality captures the heart.

Yesterday you hurt me I accept it…
Today you hurt me I accept…
But every day how can I accept it..?

I am not happy
I am not sad
but I am missing
something in my life.

True love never dies,
Because true love always waits.

I love sleeping because
Dreams are better than reality…

What you think of yourself is much more important
Then what others think of you.

One bad chapter
Doesn’t mean end of story.

You don’t understand
And I can’t explain..!!

Caption For Instagram Bio In English

WhatsApp Bio Caption in English
WhatsApp Bio Caption

One day you will realize
How much I cried for you…!!

Value the person who gives you time,
It’s not time they share a part of life with you.

Hide your emotions
Because no one cares.

Everything is temporary
So don’t take stress.

When our actions are based on good intentions
Our soul has no regrets.

Everybody can see a laughing face
But nobody can see a broken heart.

Cutting people out of my life
Doesn’t mean I hate them.
It means I respect myself.

I don’t hurt others
Because I know how it feels.

Sometimes you just have to stay silent,
Because no words can explain
What’s going on in your mind and heart.

Sometimes you have to leave,
Not for ego but for self-respect.

Stylish Facebook Bio Captions

WhatsApp Bio Caption in English
WhatsApp Bio Caption

Avoid me once I will
Never come in your life again.

Some people are very expert in…
Hiding their pain with a bright smile.

Understanding is deeper than knowledge.
There are many people, who know you, but Very few who understand you.

True people cry when you leave,
Fake people leave when you cry.

It kills me to see you online,
But not talking to me.

No one notice my pain
But everyone notice my mistake.

Accept the situation and move
On with a smile.

Sometimes things are not easy to do.
But it’s not difficult too…

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