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Love Quotes In English

Love Quotes l 120+ Best Lovely Quotes In English

Love Quotes : A great collection of Cute, love, Sad, Romantic, Short Quotes For all. Famous I Love You Quotes to Express Your Lovely Emotions.

Love is a wonderful feeling. You can feel it only when you have true love with someone. But in many cases, it has been observed that the person in love, whether it is a boy or a girl, cannot express his feelings properly. He is always looking for a way through which he can show his love to his lover. So my dear friends, today we have brought this great post, in which you will find all kinds of quotes expressing your love feelings in English. With the help of which you can make your relationship happy and beautiful. So start reading now and feel a deep feeling of love. And share these beautiful love quotes with your lover and tell them how much you love them.

True Love Quotes

Love Quotes In English
Every time l smile, Believe me, you’re
The reason behind it.❤️

In the world of temporary options,
You are my permanent choice.❤️

Every time I see you,
I fall in love all over again…❤️

I always commit mistakes,
And do stupid things,
I am not perfect
But my love for you is true ❤️

Whether it’s AM or PM,
Rain or Sunny, weekdays or Weekends, I will be there for you, always…❤️

You are home to me,
And I love coming home..❤️

Inside my heart
there is,
1% blood and
99% you.❤️

Love Quotes

Love Quotes In English
I miss you more than I show
I Love you More than I know.❤️

I’m hoping, I’m waiting,
I’m praying, you are the one.❤️

My promise to you
Is always to love you and
Keep you happy.❤️

Remember 3 things:
I’m here,
I’ll wait,
I love you more than anything.❤️

Maybe I’m too late to be your first.
But right now, I’m preparing myself to be your last.❤️

I don’t need expensive gifts,
I only need you, babe.❤️

Short Love Quotes

Love Quotes In English
I know i get rude, With you sometime,
But believe me, I love you the most..❤️

With or without conversation,
You’re still the one I want.❤️

I just miss you,
I hope you miss me too…❤️

I will love you until the day
I die, babe.❤️

One day you & me will be
Husband and wife.❤️

Be it 10 minutes or 10 hours,
I love talking to you.❤️

Love Quotes

Love Quotes In English
You have no idea
how fast my heart beats
when I see you..❤️

I only want two things in this world.
I want you. And I want us…❤️

Once you’re mine then
You’re mine forever…❤️

I will always choose you, Even at the days,
We don’t understand each other.❤️

You think you’re one of millions
But you’re one in a million to me…❤️

I am in you and you in me,
Mutual in divine love.❤️

Romantic Love Quotes

Love Quotes In English
Every little moment with you
Feels like the best moment of my life..❤️

I would talk every risk,
To be with you baby…❤️

I don’t know what will happen in future,
But I promise I will never leave you alone.❤️

I asked God to give me the best gift ever,
He gifted me “you”.❤️

I am so addicted to you that,
I can hear your voice in my mind while reading your text.❤️

Hand in hand. You & me.
Today, tomorrow, forever…❤️

Love Quotes

Love Quotes In English
I may not see you every day,
but I love you every day.❤️

Even if I don’t physically see you
I feel your presence with me all the time.❤️

I don’t know why but I find you
in every song, I listen to.❤️

Even on my worst days
I promise to love you more.❤️

I always think about you before sleeping,
So that you can appear in my dreams.❤️

And no matter how much we fight,
Only you can make my mood right.❤️

Feeling love Quotes

Love Quotes In English
Sometimes I push you away
because I need you
To pull me closer.❤️

I can bear anything in this world,
But I can’t bear the pain of losing you.❤️

The best moment of my life,
When you said you love me too.❤️

I easily get jealous
Because I love you.❤️

Just hold my hand and I’ll be the
Happiest person alive.

Long distance relationship isn’t hard
If it’s with right person.❤️

Love Quotes

Love Quotes In English
Remember me, please, every day.
I miss you more than I can say.❤️

When I wake up you are the
first person, I think of.❤️

I could talk to you for hours and not get tired of your voice or your laugh.
I could never get tired of seeing your smile. I really could never get tired of you at all.❤️

You are my favorite “Hello.”
And hardest “goodbye.”❤️

I love the way you express your love for me
With different surprises.❤️

Please never ever leave me you’re the only
Reason I’m smiling every day.❤️

Love Quotes For GF

Love Quotes In English
I wish i could see you
Every time I miss you..❤️

You never have to feel alone
I’ll always be there with you.❤️

If I make a list of what makes me happy
Then your name will be on top.❤️

A great relationship is where yesterday’s fight
Doesn’t affect today’s communication.❤️

Always in my mind
Forever in my heart.❤️

I go to bed every night with a smile on my face
Coz I know I’ll get to talk to you again tomorrow.❤️

Love Quotes

Love Quotes In English
Calling me cute is nice,
Calling me hot is great,
But calling, Me yours is all I want.❤️

I don’t know about love,
But whenever I see your name in notification I smile.❤️

You are the one I was searching my whole life.
I love you.❤️

Tell me about your bad days
And I will make them your best days.❤️

Every fight between us brings me
more closer to you.❤️

I choose you and
I’ll choose you every day.❤️

Love Quotes For BF

Love Quotes In English
When I am sad, You are the first person
I want to talk to…❤️

Trust me when I say
“Nobody is going to love you like I do”
I mean it.❤️

You’re not just you
You’re a part of me too.❤️

In the world of imperfections
I found the perfect you.❤️

We smile brightest
When we’re with each other.❤️

You never cross my mind
Because you always live in it.❤️

Love Quotes

Love Quotes In English

Sit beside me,
I’ll tell you how much I love you.❤️

Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you.❤️

Happy or sad, angry or mad
Day or night, Dark or light
I’ll love you for the rest of my life.

I still remember that first touch,
It gives me goosebumps.❤️

Not the best year,
But at least I met you.

Love Quotes For Couple

Love Quotes In English
I want a relationship
Which ends with marriage,
not with breakup..❤️

I don’t want much just your time,
Your love and you.❤️

A million feelings all for just
one person, that’s you.❤️

When you love someone,
you don’t make excuses. You make time.❤️

Keep me closer, show me hope
Fix me up, love me the most.❤️

Just loving you is
Enough for me.❤️

Love Quotes

Love Quotes In English
Yes, I over think about you but
I also over Love you..❤️

You’re the color of
My heart.❤️

The last person you think of before you
Go to sleep is the one who truly owns your heart.❤️

I only wish for your happiness
If you’re happy I’m happy too.❤️

And when you say you miss me
I start missing you more.❤️

I will never stop worrying about you,
It’s not a burden, you’re just too important to me.❤️

Best Love Quotes In English

Love Quotes In English
I fall more and more in love
with you every day.❤️

If I cried
So I really love you. ❤️

Hug me until
I smell like you.❤️

No one can fix my mood
Except you my love.❤️

You + Me = Happiness ❤️

I wish, I could copy and paste,
You into my bed..❤️

Love Quotes

Love Quotes In English
I have so many people to talk but I still
wait for you to come online.❤️

Baby, you are my teddy bear,
I just want to hold you every time.❤️

My day is not complete if
I don’t say you “l love you”.❤️

I will wait for you because
Honestly, I don’t want anyone else.❤️

Someday we will be able to go
To bed together every night.❤️

Making me happy does not require a lot of efforts,
Your presence is just enough..❤️

Top Love Quotes In English 2021

Love Quotes In English
Trust me one day you and I
will shine together.❤️

No third person can break our bond,
Because our bond is more strong
Then their stupid tactics.❤️

Baby, thank you for coming
Into my life.❤️

You are not an option
You are my priority.❤️

Be my Best friend in public
But lover in private.❤️

You were my yesterday, you are my today,
And without you I can’t imagine tomorrow..❤️

Love Quotes

Love Quotes In English
Even if I am angry with you
I will always wait for your text..❤️

I can’t replace you because
There is no one like you.❤️

I might be possessive,
But It’s only with you my baby…❤️

I wish all my mornings
Start with you…❤️

The best part of my entire day
Is talking to you.❤️

You made for me, and I am made for you,
We both are made for each other.❤️

Love Quotes With image

Love Quotes In English
If she wants you
don’t worry about
who wants her.💞

Making memories with you
Is my favorite thing to do.❤️

You are mine and it’s my job
To keep you happy and safe forever…❤️

You are my world
And I love you so much.❤️

A million feelings all for one
person and that’s you.❤️

Ready to share everything with you my love
But never Share you.❤️

Love Quotes

Love Quotes In English
Even if I’m not in
This world anymore,
Remember I will always love you.❤️

I want someone to look at me And say
Keep in mind “you’re only mine”.❤️

I want you today, tomorrow,
next week, and for the rest of my life.❤️

No matter how angry or sad I am,
I automatically smile
when I see your text.❤️

Truly, Madly, Deeply,
In love with you.❤️

A true love story based on

Every Love story is beautiful,
But ours is my favorite.❤️

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